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If working VISA is not permitted
<01/25 (Fri) /2008 23:55>
Previously, I explained about VISA to work as a programmer. And if the Immigration Bureau does not permit the application for working visa, first of all we have to ask the Immigration Bureau about why it is not permitted.

There could be an issue about the four points to be proved.

1) Major in college or job experiences of the applicant
2) Connectedness between the major / job experiences
and the job which he/she will do in the company
3) Job description
4) Stability and Sustainability of the company

If there is no issue on them, maybe application and other document failed to prove the above four points. Or some of the documents had misleading expressions.


Even though there is no problem on the applicant, but the application was rejected, then there could be a problem about the point No. 4 “Stability and Sustainability of the company.” Maybe the company had a problem about a foreign national employment in the past. As a result, the company may have been judged not to satisfy the point No.4.

If so, we need to provide additional documents to explain the past problem was already solved and the company has been taking proper measures to avoid the same problem to happen. We need the cooperation of the company, but it will be beneficial for the company itself.

Or the point No. 2 “Connectedness between the major and the job” could be a cause of the rejection. For example, a humanities-major college student is going to be hired by a system development company. So, he/she applied for “Engineer” VISA, but it turned out to be rejected.

If the actual job is not a programmer, but a planning job such as a system consultant who is analyzing the business and planning the business procedures, then he/she could apply for “Specialist in Humanities / International Services” by making the best use of their business administration knowledge they majored in college.

Of course, depending on the applicant’s major and the job, “Engineer” VISA can be permitted for a humanities-major college student.

The important thing is, we should not simply apply for “Engineer” VISA to work as a programmer, nor simply apply for “Specialist in Humanities / International Services” VISA just because the applicant is a humanities major. Instead, we need to explain the actual relations or connectedness between the major in college and the job in the company.

* For finding a job, we need to explain what we studied, what skill we have and how we can utilize them in the company. It is recommended to do exactly the same thing when we file an application to the Immigration Bureau.

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