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Immigration Lawyer HAYASHI KAN sensei
<01/24 (Thu) /2008 21:34>
I knew Lawyers, CPAs (Certified Public Accountant) and doctors are called "SENSEI" in Japanese, which literally means "a teacher" and actually shows our respect to those who’s called “SENSEI.”

And SENSEI may be used for Gyouseishoshi, or administrative scrivener.... officially there is no English name for our title. Administrative scrivener is a title printed on the application form of the Immigration Bureau. There seems argument on this issue among several organizations.

Some people call them "Immigration Lawyer" after Gyouseishoshi is certified by the Immigration Bureau to deal with immigration applications

I did not know Gyouseishoshi or Immigration Lawyer is also called "SENSEI." But I found there ARE many of them who should be called "SENSEI."

From bottom of my heart, I feel that I should and I can call my senior Immigration Lawyers "SENSEI." And HAYASHI SENSEI is the very SENSEI and the first one I've met.

It was in July 2007 that he taught me about the basics and practices of Immigration Lawyer. HAYASHI SENSEI earned a Master's degree in laws from the graduate school of Waseda University. He was a former instructor at the Immigration Lawyer seminars held by Gyouseishoshi Union, a former member of the International Division of Tokyo Gyouseishoshi Union and have held many seminars. Please visit his office Web site of "Immigration Lawyer HAYASHI KAN International Legal Office" (written in Japanese.)

Some of my friends asked me why I became an Immigration Lawyer. To be frank, they don't know much about an Immigration Lawyer, or they don't have good impression on them.

To be frank again, I also had the same impression in the past. But when I took his class of "International Immigration Lawyer's job" That class is being held by SAMURAI-JUKU, an educational organization for Gyouseishoshi. "SAMURAI?" "It's just a DVD class!" You may think it’s cheap, but the contents are very logical, practical and ambitious with high ethics.

The lecture is based on real cases. Its purpose is to have comprehensive understanding of the related laws as a whole including Immigration Law, its enforcement regulations and official notices from the Ministry of Justice.

This lecture made it possible for me to understand relations among each article of the related laws, which other books of mine can’t do. Of course, the immigration laws are so deep that no one can understand by just taking the class one time. In addition to the understanding, we need a lot of experiences to realize what they are and how we should use them.

Also, HAYASHI SENSEI taught about the details on how we should deal with the Immigration Bureau. For example, he explained the Bureau’s internal reference and how they judge each case based on the internal reference. He told the internal reference could be officially acquired by following Public Information Act. We, Immigration Lawyers, should not only ask questions to the Bureau, but also should propose and lead them from the viewpoint of public sector or Immigration Lawyers, based on the good understanding of the immigration laws. Only in that case, we can call it “the practice of Immigration Lawyers.”

Besides, HAYASHI SENSEI informed me of SHOUGAI JITSUMU KENKYUKAI meaning “International Practice Research Association” which was established by experienced Immigration Lawyers. HAYASHI SENSEI introduced me to join the association in September 2007. I learned a lot about theories, judicial precedents and practical know-how. Let me write about it sometime.

An encounter with HAYAHI SENSEI is a starting point for me as an Immigration Lawyer, regarding know-how and know-who. In fact, as an Immigration Lawyer, I had no idea what to study. Above all, I had no idea :are there any of Immigration Lawyers that I can respect at all? In the middle of such wondering, I encountered HAYASHI SENSEI and he introduced me more of SENSEI whom I can truly respect. That fact gave me confidence to pursue working as an Immigration Lawyer and a goal to reach. Although it’s just 6 months since I met him last July, this encounter gave me a new and deep insight.
Now, let me finish and continue this story some other time.

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