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m-c-r, an artist place where we can feel at home, play with kids and appreciate arts
<02/10 (Sun) /2008 23:25>
They say that family life, work and art existed together and so did aged people, young people and children at a village in the old times.

They say that they have been separated. Family, workers and artists live independently in the suburbs, offices and museums. It is often said that they must be reintegrated like the old times. There are many of such trials as intercommunication between school kids and the local adults or decoration of an office with an art.

I heard of this kind of topic in my college, so it must have been over 20 years since it was first advocated. However, it must be true that I just happened to be conscious about this topic in my college, but people have been conscious about it for much longer time.

One of such reintegrating trials is South Aoyama Creators Residence (m-c-r) (in Japaense) which I visited today.

This place is in the same building of my office. I longed for going there. Luckily, I got to know SHAKE-san (meaning a salmon in Japanese), the owner and an artist of the place. Originally, it was an hour appointment, but our talk lasted five hours before my next appointment.

m-c-r rents artists its rooms for artistic representation by the week.

There are various names such as an artist, a painter, a ceramist and a jewelry designer. It may be common requirements for them that:

They have something in their mind that they want to represent,
they have skills to represent it,
they have places to represent it
and they have those who appreciate it.

"But there was no place for the representation," she said.

I said, “There are many art galleries.” She said there is a barrier to use them.

That’s why she has been creating m-c-r.

* To be continued.

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