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An immigration lawyer whom a secretary followed without pay
<02/07 (Thu) /2008 23:01>
Today I have lunch with an immigration lawyer whose blog is so elegant while he has so many clients that he has almost no time to sleep. He is younger than me, but one of my admirable immigration lawyers.

Great findings of today:

1) When he separated from a lawyer office to open his own office, a secretary followed him even though there was no guarantee that she could be paid. She started the office blog as a tool of ads, even more she found the current place for his office. (Probably your guess is wrong. She is not his wife, but married with another lawyer.) She is great, but he is also great in that she followed him without a guarantee. She could have stayed in the established lawyer office.

2) When he opened his office and could not find any client, he didn’t know how his wife was making both ends meet, or how they lived their lives with no income. That’s another great story. She must have had hard time. It could not happen that he just didn’t notice it. Definitely she didn’t let him find it. It's amazing.

3) During our lunch, he got two calls at his cellular phone. He spoke fluently in English for one call and in Chinese for another. I asked if he studied abroad. He answered, “No.” with smile. He just learned them while practicing his job. He did not even mention how hard it was, as if it had been no effort at all. In my case, I needed a lot of effort, studying in USA and teaching and discussing in English with people from all over the world before I think I can speak English to some extent. He is a person who seems to have nothing to do with effort. He must have made effort, I knew. We just can't sense it. That's a third great finding of today.

  We can’t do what we don’t imagine to be able to do.
  We can do what we thought we couldn’t do, when we see
  someone doing it.

  Thanks to the lunch with him today, I began to think that I want to
  and I will be able to speak both English and Chinese like him.

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