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Shinoda-san, Chairman & CEO of Headwaters Co., Ltd. (Part 2)
<02/05 (Tue) /2008 23:50>
This entry is continued from this one.

* Sense of Impatience

Just by reading the Chairman Blog (in Japanese), we will be inspired every time. I asked why he could write such inspiring messages. He said, “It’s a sense of impatience.” Even though he is a chairman leading such a successful company, he still thinks his capability is the worst in the company. That sense of impatience, or frustration made him a man like him. That sense of impatience will create the messages of his blog. That’s what he answered.

Now, let me quote the related message from his blog. Also, let me put a photo copied from his blog, exactly to the same place as in his blog. As you can see, a photo of so-happy-looking people is put beside his passionate message. It’s somewhat imbalanced. However, at the same time, it proves the company is in good balance; not only passionate but cheerful and happy. Or more exactly, that passion lets them look so happy, filled with something worth working.

“Impatience” (Translation of the original in Japanese posted at 12:41 on Dec. 28, 2007)

I’m always driven by a sense of impatience.

The sense of impatience that I must propel our business by bridging the gap between ideal and reality. The sense of impatience that I blame myself for the immaturity of my performance. The sense of impatience that I must perfect current members of our company as businesspersons.

I have such sense of impatience that makes me feel shivered, but that shivering feeling is actually a good one. This is the supreme moment for the top management. This makes me feel that I’m living and going.

Those who have influence on many people in the society and pursue something as a dreamer by getting many people involved must take good deal of responsibilities. Those who can sense such responsibilities could not escape from this sense of impatience any time in their lifetime.

HWS photoOf course, I have an ambition. But I already lost any of such ambition that I want to be happy or rich. They can be reached automatically only if I use some part of my ability, without hassle. My true ambition is to realize the idea that our company HWS has been advocating and to make billions of people all over the world happy, including HWS members. This is nothing but a work of an artist. To form the shape of HWS’s idea in the real world is my true ambition. Wealth and fame will follow it. There is no need to pursue wealth and fame.

The heat of the ambition and the coldness of the sense of impatience which an ambitious person must embrace are driving force for me. I will live through my life at a top speed next year as I have done this year. I hope and I’m sure to meet many of my partners who can go with me at that top speed.

* To be continued.

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