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Now, it's indispensable, inevitable and the best time.
<01/29 (Tue) /2008 23:51>
When you hear "now, it's indispensable, inevitable and the best time," and if you can find out what it means, you already knew what I'm trying to say.

For those who say, “now it’s the worst time…” it must be hard to think, “Yes, now it’s the best time!” However, by thinking in that way, I can feel more relaxed and do something better.

Originally, the title words were what a certain president said when we met for the first time in two years. I always think in that way, so I said promptly “That’s quite right.” My understanding on those words is as follows:

Everything as it is, is indispensable because it won’t be linked to the next thing without them.

Everything as it is, is inevitable because it will be linked to the next thing with them.

Everything as it is, is the best.
If everything is fine, indeed it is the best time in our life.
Otherwise, still it is the best time because it is the best path, which will be linked to the best time.

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