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A useful site to look into the meaning of a foreigner's name
<02/04 (Mon) /2008 23:41>
When I get contact from a foreign national whose name I have never heard of, I can check the following website to know the meaning of the name:


This site is mainly for English name, but some of the other country’s name can be searched.

Of course, I would not say to my client, “I know the meaning of your name is...” However, it is interesting to know the meaning of a name. Also, it’s important to know the meaning which their parent gave to the name.

As a try, when we search the above site for “Mike,” it turns out the nickname of Michael. Then, the search result of “Michael” is as follows:

Its meaning is "who resembles God". Biblical: Michael is the archangel (chief or principal angel) who defeats the dragon. He and Gabriel are the only two angels given personal names in the canonical Bible. (quote from a serach result)

It’s a good finding to me.

Also, the search result shows the trend of the popularity of a searched name. Mike’s trend is as follows:

Trend of Mike

Mike’s popularity ranked almost near the best 1 around 60's, but recently ranked around 600. I could not find the actual number of the name on that site. And there is a trend graph of Mike and its related names. Michael has kept its high ranking. I did not know it. Indeed, there are some celebrities such as Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan.

And I found that Misha is also a nickname of Michael, thanks to the search result of Mike. It’s a Russian origin name. I knew it’s a Russian origin, but did not know it’s another nickname of Michael.

A Japanese singer “Misia” has a similar pronunciation, but a different spelling. I could not find “Misia” on the above site. By the way, there seem several theories about the origin of Misia. You could find several sites on that theme, by searching for “misia YURAI (a Japanese word meaning “origin.”)

By the way, the Kanji, pronunciation and meaning of my name are as follows:

Meaning of my name

I'm thankful for this name.

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