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Immigration Lawyer NAKAYAMA KAZUMI sensei (Part 2)
<01/27 (Sun) /2008 12:43>
* This entry is continued from this one.

Professionals such as Immigration Lawyers could be working by themselves independently. But experienced Immigration Lawyers will have minds to share knowledge and educate beginners. There are countless number of such organizations of Immigration Lawyers other than SJK or SANMOKUKAI.

NAKAYAMA SENSEI said, “When I began to work as an Immigration Lawyer, there was no one to teach me. Now, we share knowledge and educate beginners. We hope those activities lift up the standard of all the Immigration Lawyers as a whole.”

On the other hand, when NAKAYAMA SENSEI got to know a book titled “Immigration Procedures Q&A for those who help a foreign national’s immigration procedures” Published by “Immigration Association,” he immediately read through it. It seems easy book for experienced persons. But he does not forget to try updating knowledge and organizing them.

Of course, it is not only NAKAYAMA SENSEI who is doing the same thing, not to mention HAYASHI SENSEI or all the other SENSEI’s. And that’s why they respect one another and have been sharing knowledge more than 10 years.

Even more, NAKAYAMA SENSEI introduced me my first client. The client himself knew I was a beginner and made a contract with me. NAKAYAMA SENSEI not only educates me, but also gives me a job. I can’t appreciate him enough. Someday, I will do the same thing to other beginners; that’s the best thing I can do and I should do.

* This is the way that I got to know new people, starting from HAYASHI SENSEI, then SJK, then NAKAYAMA SENSEI, then SNAMOKUKAI and to my client.

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Book: "What should we do about immigration and employment of foreign nationals Q&A"
<01/27 (Sun) /2008 12:00>
* A book for Immigration Lawyers:

“What should we do about immigration and employment of foreign nationals Q&A” published by DAI-ICHI-HOUKI is an encyclopedia of Immigration Lawyer’s know-how. As the above linked page shows, it consists of two volumes of 10 cm thick files.

The book title sounds like an easy beginner-class reference. But actually they cover the lecture on Immigration Control Law & Nationality Law and abundant practical cases including real document samples. Their price is 15,750 yen, but the actual value can be more than 100,000 yen or hundreds of thousands of yen for Immigration Lawyers, especially for beginners. Of course, such a large volume is still not enough to share all the practical know-how’s, but they are significant work in terms of organizing and sharing knowledge. I found them in National Diet Library. I recommend you to read them in a library or some place before buying them.

* This entry is cut out from NAKAYAMA SENSEI entry, which has two themes : "NAKAYAMA SENSEI" and this book. So, this book related section is copied to here, to utilize the merit of category "Book on VISA."

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