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VISA : To work as a programmer
<01/20 (Sun) /2008 20:03>

When a foreigner graduated from a college or has 10 years or more of job experiences and if he/she plans to work as a programmer, Status of Residence "Engineer" could be granted. However, his/her salary must be no less than that of Japanese programmers.

When a foreigner has Status of Residence "College Student," he/she needs to file an Application for Change of Status of Residence. If the change of status to "Engineer" is permitted, a new period of stay is three years or one year.

* There are four points to be proved for the application

1) Major in college or job experiences of the applicant
2) Connectedness between the major / job experiences
      and the job which he/she will do in the company
3) Job description
4) Stability and Sustainability of the company

Points to be proved

* Documents prepared by the applicant

a) Passport
b) Alien Registration card
c) Application for Change of Status of Residence
        ( download from the Immigration Bureau HP )
d) Resume
e) College Diploma or Certificate of Prospective Graduation
        ( After graduation, college diploma should be
        submitted additionally.)
f) Academic Transcript
g) Letter of Reasons
        (This is not legally required, but generally submitted so that
        the Immigration Bureau can easily understand the proof
        points 1) to 3)

* Documents prepared by the company

a) Copy of Employment Contract
b) Certificate Copy of Commercial Registration
        (within 3 months of issuance)
c) Report on Final Accounts (of the latest fiscal year)
d) Corporate Profile
e) Foreign Employee List
        ( if any foreigners are presently employed )
f) Letter of Reasons
        (This is not legally required, but generally submitted so that
        the Immigration Bureau can easily understand the proof
        points 1) to 3) and 4)

For a new employee to start working from April 1st, Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau usually accepts an application for Change of Status of Residence from December 1st. However, the permission requires "College Diploma" even though the initial application can be filed with Certificate of Prospective Graduation. College Diploma will be issued after the graduation ceremony. So, permission will be granted around the end of March anyway. However, to avoid peak-season, it is recommended to file the application as early as possible.

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To Japanese Blog

<01/20 (Sun) /2008 20:02>
Thank you for visiting my blog "My Office Blog."
I'm Yoshikawa, Director & Immigration Lawyer at "SAKURA International Legal Office."

Since I opened my office in August 2007, I have been creating my office Web site only. Finally, I started my blog today.

I tried to organize the contents on the office Web. But I couldn't put all of important themes into my Web site. So, I gave up or put off writing some of them.

Now, by using categories of my blog, I will put those themes one by one. And let me show you some snapshot or summary of my Web site as well.

This blog's themes are as follows :

1) How a foreigner can acquire working visas or spouse visas.

2) How a foreigner can acquire Japanese nationality, or Naturalization.

3) Something about myself which won't be written in the office Web site.

I'm planning to write those things on this blog and my Japanese Blog.

About Top Banner :

An entry : a Japanese book "Meaning of Work" wrote about the core of ourselves. Let me quote a related section from that entry.

The top banner photo is MY CORE. The trainees and I trusted and appreciated one another; everyone's eyes look so confident. And that turquoise blue sea, or OKINAWA blue sea. Kids are swimming. Everything reminds me of peaceful time. With this CORE of mine, "you can carry on by getting over many obstacles." He is quite right.

My Favorite Entries :

  "Now, it's indispensable, inevitable and the best time. "
    <01/29 (Tue) /2008 23:51>

  "Shinoda-san, Chairman & CEO of Headwaters Co., Ltd. "
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  "m-c-r, an artist place where we can feel at home, play with kids and appreciate arts "
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Personal History : Please see this page.

Please visit here sometimes. YOROSHIKU ONEGAI SHIMASU.

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However, I do not guarantee the result of your own deed referring to this blog.
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