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a Japanese book "Meaning of Work"
<01/23 (Wed) /2008 23:58>
A book to know what a life is like:

"Meaning of Work" by Kanemoto Kaneto (published in Dec. 2007)

兼元 謙任

"What is the meaning of work?" When you are asked so, what will you say now?

Although the answer may be 100 colors out of 100 people, the answer of the author is very suggestive. We can find his answer on the very first page of the book. At first I think I just read the first page without any strong impression. It was understandable, but it didn't click to me.

But, as I read the rest of the book including his experiences as homeless people, and impressed by the vast knowledge of his, in the last chapter, I find his answer is more persuasive than when I read the first page. The same answer is repeated in a different way of expression. It IS more persuasive.

As you may know him already, the author is President Kanemoto of OKWave, a largest-in-Japan Q&A community on the Internet, which has more than one million members.

* Luckily, I had an opportunity to have lunch with him and a board member of his company, SUGIURA-san yesterday. We had important and informative talks other than this book. But let me write them someday.

Now, let me writhe "the important point to me" and "the maybe-important point to you (from abroad)." If you are a Japanese, I'm glad if you let a foreign friend know this blog.

* The important point to me

In order to find a work that we should do, he says:

Your history is you own. The value you can think strongly important of can come from only your history. It is the only place that you can find your own way of working. It becomes the strongest core for your work. With that core, you can carry on by getting over many obstacles. The core comes from your history. Come to think of it, it is never wasting your time to look back deep into your past.
(On page 22)

For that purpose, he says:

Make your own List:

1) list more than 3 things that you want to do
2) list more than 3 things that you've already done
3) list more than 3 things that you should have been or done
4) list more than 3 good things that other people did for you
(On page 21)

Also, according to him, it is important to do this about your parents as well as about your own.

Actually, I did this kind of thing. So I quit my job at a company and became an Immigration Lawyer. The top banner photo is MY CORE. The trainees and I trusted and appreciated one another; everyone's eyes look so confident. And that turquoise blue sea, or OKINAWA blue sea. Kids are swimming. Everything reminds me of peaceful time. With this CORE of mine, "you can carry on by getting over many obstacles." He is quite right.

* Maybe-important point to you (from abroad)

In my understanding, the mission of OKWave is to connect people who want to know something and people who want to teach something, or to connect people and people by dialogue with appreciation. The mission is so clear, easy to understand, important and precious. People want to gather for that mission and will do so. That's why they are growing, making profit and evolving.

The president message (in Japanese) is:

The letter O of OKWave stands for "Oshiete" - please let me know it; K stands for "Kotaeru" - let me answer it. By mediating "Oshiete" and "Kotaeru," we help your questions, concerns and hopes to be "OK." Then, we spread it to the world like "Wave." That is the meaning of our company's name.
We, OKWave, carry on Q&A communication and become a global company to promote mutual help on a world basis by providing our Q&A solutions to 100 nations in the world by the year 2010.

He says, "providing our Q&A solutions to 100 nations in the world by the year 2010." For that purpose, they must need human resources all over the world. In fact, it is written on the book about intern selection testing method.

We give our interns a piece of paper to write what they want to do, within 30 seconds. If they do, they get a perfect score. Otherwise, they get nothing.
But only 2 or 3 out of 10 interns wrote it. Even though I explained the rule and said if you did not write, you didn't have to come to our office. (On page 55)

For those who have read this book, or got interested in the community site "OKWave," I would recommend you to challenge it. When you are hired, let's try to become the president of OKWave's subsidiary company in you home country. Nowadays, we can start the Internet service just with one note PC.

Some people might worry about VISA. By going back to their countries, they don't want to waste their VISA that they had hard times to get. However, when you become a president of your county's OKWave, probably you are also a managing director of your country division. Then, you may apply for the VISA "Investor/Business Manager." If you are transferred from your country to Japan headquarters, you may apply for the VISA "Intra-company Transferee."

VISA will follow what you do. So, let's look into your own CORE and make a CHALLENGE!

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