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As for this blog...
<06/01 (Sun) /2008 17:44>
Currently, I focus on writing my Japanese blog.

Please allow me to let this blog as it is....

However, everyday I have inquiry emails or calls and answer to them.

So, please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions.
As for the contact info, please visit our office web site.

* To keep this entry showing at the front page of this blog, the posted date was set to a future date.


A useful site to look into the meaning of a foreigner's name
<02/04 (Mon) /2008 23:41>
When I get contact from a foreign national whose name I have never heard of, I can check the following website to know the meaning of the name:


This site is mainly for English name, but some of the other country’s name can be searched.

Of course, I would not say to my client, “I know the meaning of your name is...” However, it is interesting to know the meaning of a name. Also, it’s important to know the meaning which their parent gave to the name.

As a try, when we search the above site for “Mike,” it turns out the nickname of Michael. Then, the search result of “Michael” is as follows:

Its meaning is "who resembles God". Biblical: Michael is the archangel (chief or principal angel) who defeats the dragon. He and Gabriel are the only two angels given personal names in the canonical Bible. (quote from a serach result)

It’s a good finding to me.

Also, the search result shows the trend of the popularity of a searched name. Mike’s trend is as follows:

Trend of Mike

Mike’s popularity ranked almost near the best 1 around 60's, but recently ranked around 600. I could not find the actual number of the name on that site. And there is a trend graph of Mike and its related names. Michael has kept its high ranking. I did not know it. Indeed, there are some celebrities such as Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan.

And I found that Misha is also a nickname of Michael, thanks to the search result of Mike. It’s a Russian origin name. I knew it’s a Russian origin, but did not know it’s another nickname of Michael.

A Japanese singer “Misia” has a similar pronunciation, but a different spelling. I could not find “Misia” on the above site. By the way, there seem several theories about the origin of Misia. You could find several sites on that theme, by searching for “misia YURAI (a Japanese word meaning “origin.”)

By the way, the Kanji, pronunciation and meaning of my name are as follows:

Meaning of my name

I'm thankful for this name.

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Materials for the first meeting with a company
<01/31 (Thu) /2008 23:31>
When I visit a company for the first time, I will bring our office brochure and a presentation document. Especially when I have no idea what kind of trouble they are in, or what they need, I will bring a proposal, or more exactly a reference material.

For your info., I uploaded them to our office Web site. I made PDF files out of powerpoint files, which caused small conversion troubles on pictures. But still the contents can be understood. (Sorry, they are all in Japanese.) On second thought, this materila was made for a certain corporation, so I have to revise it for others.

“Office Brochure”

“VISA for employees in Japan”

Table of Contents:
    1. Discussion on Immigration Policy in Japan :
          Population Decreasing Society
          and Permanent Resident Based Immigration Policy
    2. VISA appropriate for various employment cases
    3. VISA for the employee’s family
    4. Permanent Resident or Naturalization of the employee
    Reference: List of Status of Residence

The contents of the reference material is made for a company which has not yet employed foreign nationals. But such know-hows as how to read an alien registration card is not explained yet.

First of all, for the owners of the company, the document explains “Population Decreasing Society and Permanent Resident Based Immigration Policy.” This is a background info. and summary of the immigration policy proposed by Mr. Sakanaka Hidenori, Director of Japan Immigration Policy Institute. The document is made for a presentation which will have additional explanations in the meeting. So, it does not explain the details. When you get interested in the immigration policy proposal, please read his newly published book “Immigrant Nation NIPPON” (NIHON KAJO PUBLISHER.)

Next, the document shows various VISA appropriate for different employment cases: a case that a foreign national is employed by a foreign corporation or a case that a foreign national is employed by a Japanese corporation. Also, VISA can be different for what kind of job they are doing. Illustrations of each case were made for the presentation. So, the details are not explained. When you want to know the details, please see our office Web site.

Then, the document explains VISA for the family of the employee. It’s because company owners always care for their employees’ families and they always have strong interest in this issue. So, it explains VISA for parents, spouses and children, etc.

Finally, the document explains how the employees can get Permanent Resident Permission or Naturalization Permission. The main topic is about resident term requirement.

* However, it depends on our actual discussion in the meeting, whether or not this document is explained. It could happen that this document is just briefly browsed, instead, I hear more from the company owners or staffs.

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I carefully pay attention to the correctness of this blog.
However, I do not guarantee the result of your own deed referring to this blog.
For proper application, I am pleased if you consult with our office.

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